Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look What I Found!

I turn another year older today. To be honest, after the big 3-0, things aren't so exciting anymore. Maybe 35, 40?

This year, seems like greetings from overseas streamed in first! Besides a message from my cousin 2 days earlier,  I got a call from Aunt in the States, a dear friend from Germany was the one who at 12 midnight FB messaged me.  I knew this year was going to be a quiet one. 

Of coz, that didn't happened. A very serious letter came last night, which kinda dampened my spirits. 



4 shelves worth, about 700 albums?! I searched for my present. Artists, album titles... Nothing. David Gilmour, Destination Bali, Benjamin Button Soundtrack, I'm grasping at straws here. I spent 12 minutes going down the rows, opening and closing the jewel cases. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. Was about to start from the top and open every single casing when...

Fed up. Checked my message again. 

Then I saw the word "DVD". Smacks head. 


Another 10minutes, maybe another 500 titles? Urgh never had to work so hard for a present before!!! My heart started racing, I could feel the pounding, really. Do I really have to go through EVERYTHING!? Phew. Nothing. WHERE ARE YOU?!? At this point, I actually stamped my feet a few times. 

Then I started getting desperate... Hungry without breakfast. I want my present!!! 8 minutes. Heart still pounding, I changed tact. Maybe it's in one of those films set in London or one of Guy Ritchie's films, Lock Stock, Full Monty, Layer Cake, Inglorious Bastards. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. Then, as I randomly pulled out the next one, thinking, can't be in here... and... THERE IT WAS!!! 

In his neat handwriting, there was a small orange envelope. Haha. Never in the world had it cross my mind this movie would be chosen coz it's a girlie film. But when I saw the movie the present was in, I cried and cried. Drama queen, I know. I think most women would, if not, be extremely touched. So here it is! 


In plain sight. 

And the parting shot, shot for a new friend. I know she will enjoy looking at the last picture. 


This is written in detailed coz I wanna remember every second of it. I'm a goldfish when it comes to things like that. Seems like I suffer from lack of short term memory syndrome. Somehow, events don't get converted into long term memories... If we had a CCTV at home, I think my actions this morning will be hilarious. Especially the feet stamping bit... something I haven't done in a long time. Adults don't usually stamp their feet, do they?! Haha.

Am going to meet mum for dinner. Oh Happy Day! Claps. 


  1. Happy birthday!! Gram is so sweet.. Yup.. Love actually, he really love you and putting in every effort despite he is not in town, u are a lucky girl!

  2. HA! And you said he's not romantic??? Please lor, woman. Wait till you see mine! Ha ha...
    And yes, I can attest to that 'We operate as a DVD rental shop on weekends' :) I'm one lucky 'customer'. Thanks! Only managed 1 DVD over the weekend...slowly, but surely ;P

  3. Oh, ya. Just have to tell you that it was 'The Break Up' that I started with. Hee...


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