Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forever Friends

Today was the first time in a looong time where I made 2 spontaneous decisions to meet/hang out with my friends in a matter of seconds. One was meeting an ex-colleague / aisle neighbor / neighborhood neighbor for dinner tonight. And the other to have a very creative friend over for a crop tomorrow afternoon. Yay!

I used to remember the younger days where spontaneous decisions like these were made on a daily if not weekly basis. Go here. OK. Meet there. OK. Those were the carefree days. Most of my friends were also carefree back then. No family to take care of, no boyfriends, just lots of hanging around and possibly, wasting time together. Haha. We didn't have a lot of dough to spend, what we had was time. Lots of time!

These days, plans for dinner / tea / even a mere window shopping trip has to be strategized (can't / don't want to meet when it's too crowded), pre-planned (make sure the maid / husband / boyfriend is occupied) and most importantly, booked in advance (everybody is free? on the same day?). I think I've not had any plans made without at least a week's notice for the longest time ever. I miss saying OK just like this! Or simply the element of surprise, like last week when I met Aida when she suggested dinner after class. Totally spontaneous.

Is this what happens when one gets older and has got more responsibilities? Or there's too much hee-ing an haw-ing when it comes to decision making as time gets too precious and there are priorities?

I felt alive saying "OK!" just like that! No hesitation. No pondering. :) I felt young and carefree today.

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  1. Just so you know I came by :)
    I think it is a combination of both...because we are now older and have more responsibilities, whatever spare time we have is precious.
    Thanks for saying 'yes' so spontaneously for dinner :)It was a good meet-up and I enjoyed the chat! More of it another time yah?


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