Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little gifts


Haven't had much chance to scrap lately due to severe back inflammation. The doctor gave strict orders not to use a laptop nor computer for a couple of days. Sitting at the desk "working" isn't recommended either. Total bed rest. So, instead of making 12x12 layouts... I snuck out little items to make when on the sofa or bed as I was really bored.



The above were inspiration from Aida's work. 

And when I got bored with the cards... I came up with these as gifts for birthdays. 




So. 2 posts in a day. Blogging with a vengeance. Nah, those smiley pills are beckoning. Time to rest. Have a good weekend, or whatever is left of it. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Made With Love's Layout Of The Week

What a thrill!!! This is certainly a great encouragement for new scrappers like myself. I hope my Aunty in Virginia gets to see this.


It made me very very happy today! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Lift Me!


This is for Made With Love's Lift Me Challenge #1. I didn't think I would be able to meet the deadline for this challenge. I think it was the longest I've ever taken to complete a layout. Bits and pieces were added throughout the last 5 days to get the right look.

Papers: DCWV, Bazzill & Hambly
Alphas: American Crafts & Adorn It.
Ephemeras: K & Co, 7 Gypsies
Stamps: Kodomo & Prima.

Paint & Embossing Powder: Making Memories & Tim Holtz 


I folded the little circles using a tip from Christine Middlecamp's layout.


The flower you see is handmade by me!

When I had finished and proudly showed it to Graham, he went, "There's no indication of the photo being taken at the Grand Prix. I can hardly see the track. Put something that's car related into the layout. You must have something, don't you?" I still find it strangely odd yet comforting after all these months of scrapbooking, that my boyfriend would continue to actively provide feedback for such a girly hobby. And he never fails to amaze me how he would actually scrutinize my pieces, touch, poke, and sometimes ask questions when I show him my work. Most of the time anyway. And I adore him for that. I know many husbands or boyfriends who would just go, "Ah." Graham doesn't, and I love him for that.

Coming from a graphic designer background, he was very supportive and encouraging when I first picked up this hobby 9 months ago. And still is. I still remember back then, when I came across pretty patterned papers and showed them to him, he actually took an interest. "It's all graphics related, isn't it?" when I asked bewilderedly, "You're actually interested in the papers?" Then there were the Hambly screen prints when I first discovered them and how they were manufactured. I was so excited to show them to him as he had previously worked in a silkscreen printing company before. So that was 9 months ago. These days, I still show him some of my rare finds from time to time. But my stash has grown exponentially that I don't think he would be that interested if I were to show him every interesting Prima or stamp I've come across.

So for that little request, how can I resist adding this.


A pleasant surprise


This was how the winning prize for Made With Love's Sketch Challenge # 2 was packaged. Inside contains the vouchers.


What made it more special was that the name wasn't handwritten but stamped. How cool is that!

And with this, I bought this Making Memories album!


Had lunch with Aida on Friday and a very interesting topic came up which kept me pondering. 

What do you do when you see a familiar face from your childhood or teenage years approaching? Do you greet them with a smile, look right past them or duck? 

Ever since university days, I've always been living in the central or western areas of Singapore. Grange Road, Holland Village, Dover, Bukit Batok, Hillview, (yes I'm a nomad in my own country) etc. It's only recently that I find myself an unwilling cast in many episodes of "Blast From The Past" since moving back to the northern bit of this tiny island. I realized I'm adamant not to have anything to do with these people. People whom I've never really knew well enough to mean something to me. I know it sounds mean. But, I simply can't help it. I'm not looking forward to reminisce nor swap the missing years. I'm not interested to make small talk or even pretend for that 5 minutes that I'm interested in what's happening or had happened in your life.  Could it be because I was embarrassed by my geeky, gawky teenage years? Could it be because I didn't want to be reminded of certain events in the past? Could it be because I was afraid of QUESTIONS, where are you working now, what do you do, etc. 

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't a recluse. I had many "friends" back then, but I guess these "friendships" never did stand the test of time. These people were there during a certain phase in my life and we've all moved on. All I can say is that, they were people from my past, and I've packed all the memories into neat, little boxes and stored them away. 

However, I do notice I make a conscious effort in keeping the friendships I've made in my adulthood. My oldest friendship of 12 years started back when we were at university. That's pretty long isn't it? Could it be because we can tell who our real friends are as we get older? Could it be because we are more selective with whom we give our time to? Whatever it is, I know I'm blessed with fantastic friends who will come to my aid when needed. Friends who accept me for who I am, quirks and all. And I'm really thankful for them. 

So these few friends of mine met up over dinner tonight. Rosti, satay, chicken wings, salad and some Bah Kut Teh were on the menu. All painstakingly cooked by my very dear friend Shuf. 


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HTML Idiot

I take twice the time others would probably take to post up blogs, let alone getting acquainted with HTML codes... this is getting frustrating... 

More updates soon.