Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cake or Scrap

I got to know someone new tonight! What supposed to be a browse-and-check-it-out turned into a 1.5hour conversation with this new friend about the local scrapbooking community, how competitive it was, sustaining a business, funny stories about customers, life, friends, etc. It was a very frank and no-holds-barred session and I really enjoyed her company. All I could think of is on the way back was, WE DIDN'T EXCHANGE NUMBERS!!!" Haha, but I know I'll see her soon. And to think that I was beginning to have the impression that one doesn't make meaningful friendships as one gets older, I'm proven wrong yet again. A wise lady once said, "Have no expectations, you never know what it could lead you to." Very true indeed. 

This was done at the Made With Love Make-and-Take, featuring the new Tim Holtz dies. 



I like his range of dies, especially the film strip but I'm not exactly sure if they fit into "my style" if I do have any... Still having reservations about them. Although I must say, I was very tempted to get the filmstrip sizzlit and the hardware findings dies. 

A little treat for myself. 


Chocolate of a Thousand Leaves from Coffeebean! 

And lastly, color palette of my latest project. I'm pretty excited about this as it's the first time I'm trying out creating something besides my usual 12 x 12 layouts, plaques and tags. 


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  1. Nice colour platter!! And indeed, friends are hard to
    come by esp as you get older... As long as is genuine heart, no acting, no faking, true friendships come by..


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