Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friends are forever?

Friends come and go in our lives. What I found difficult to deal with a few years ago was accepting the fact that people come into certain phases of our lives, and then they move on afterwards, without you. I was reluctant to make new friends coz I wanted to hold on dearly to the ones close to me. I figured they should have my time and attention the most. Other new friends simply aren't worth the trouble.

That has slowly changed over the years. I've met new friends, perhaps not achieving the level of closeness we had when growing up. But friends nonetheless. And I'm thankful in a way, that recent spate of events brought back some old friends as well. Sharing new experiences which make us close again.

This is for a friend whom I've known for 6 years, whom I used to share an apartment with, whom I miss quite dearly from time to time as she's now growing roots in Canada. Yes, Al, if you're reading this, it's coming your way!


Thanks for popping by!

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