Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Scrapbooking has taken a hiatus the past... Let's see... 1 month (already?!) becoz of the on and off flu bug.

I've been adding bits and pieces to my mini album. That's hardly scrapbooking right? It's just pasting things onto a page... haha. What I did drastically before I fell really sick was to rip 80% out and redo the whole thing. Had to ask Aida for tips coz the more I look at what I did, the more I hated it. So now... the mini album is about 80% done... sans cover. And my aching body and pounding doesn't allow me to sit for ages. Looks like it's gonna take a while again.

I feel very deprived. Currently, I don't like making mini albums much. I still enjoy the 12x12 or 12x10. The constraint of space is a big headache for me. And I have yet to master the knack of "less is more". What I'm constantly conscious of is, "Don't make it look like a 10-year-old's mini album". And the silly thing is, I have to FORCE myself to LIKE doing mini albums becoz I BOUGHT SO MANY OF THEM!!! Silly right... sigh...

I like this picture. It's my happy picture. Kinda reminds me, my shoe rack is still not up, the kitchen needs a cabinet, my scraproom needs and overhead shelf... the storeroom door needs painting... Hmm... ok... still happy picture.

Flu bug go away!!! I am so looking forward to TEARS FOR FEARS at Resorts World... please make me better.


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